Its no surprise that social media has taken over the world. In an unprecedented way from all of history, we are one giant collective today. It takes, quite literally, just one tap to connect with anyone, anytime, and anywhere in the world. Due to the overwhelmingly large audience that social media manages to capture in one space, it is the new hub for digital marketing. The tools social media offers to businesses and entrepreneurs are irreplaceable and cannot be substituted as it is the absolute necessity of the times. Here let’s take a look at and breakdown how to carry out effective digital and social media marketing:

Know your Audience: The most key step for any marketing strategy is based on knowledge of the audience’s needs, desires, preferences, lifestyles, and even problems because offering solutions is a solid marketing strategy! Audience Analytics help businesses greatly in planning launches, designing advertisements, and more.

Integrate Platforms: It is incredibly important to select the right platform for your target audience. For instance, if you want to tap into the teen market, apps like Tik-Tok are more effective than Facebook, as the latter is for an older demographic. However, it’s important to integrate your social media presence across all platforms to achieve maximum reach.

Memes: It may seem counterproductive at first to resort to posting memes but memes are the new Gen Z humor! Since most people on the internet enjoy memes, incorporating ongoing social media trends, challenges and memes within the brand marketing and across the social profiles is a great way to keep audiences engaged.

Use What’s Given: Social media platforms offer all users unique tools that can be utilized greatly. Features like stories can be used to interact with audiences daily, keep them up to date on all information and launches, as well as doing polls and receiving feedback. Moreover, it is easy to do a live office tour or behind the scenes sneak peaks.

Schedule Posts: To reach audiences across different time zones and keep constant engagement, automated social media tools can be used to schedule posts, queue posts, and give automated replies to customer direct messages. This creates constant engagement with brand and audience. Your number of posts per day may depend on your choice of platform.

Stay Relevant: Being up to date on the current new slangs, tweet formats and prompts is a great way to stay in the loop and create brand trust. Moreover, features like emojis can be used online to keep things fresh and fun. Try not to come across as pandering or patronizing. There is nothing more unsuccessful than an out of touch brand trying to be ‘hip’ but failing miserably. The puns, jokes and meme should be natural and integrate some connection with the brand in order to be most effective.

Look at Analytics: All social media platforms offer users the ability to look at their audience analytics. These can range from age, gender, location, time of activity, clicks, likes etc. Staying in touch with audience analytics helps immensely in knowing what to post and when to post it. Moreover, some businesses are using geofencing to detect customers in the area and avoiding competition by reaching out to them first.

Share Relevant Posts: Share good, quality posts about causes that the brand and audience care about alike. Moreover, use this space to hold small giveaways and customer contests. This keeps things playful and the audience stays engaged. Too many posts per day should be avoided. For example, Instagram users prefer one to two posts daily. However, twitter users prefer ten to fifteen tweets per day. This always varies and should be tailored to your choice of platform and audience respose.

Use Hashtags Wisely: Hashtags have reincarnated and changed their symbolic meaning just as the times has evolved. Now they are a major tool to track online trends and key words. Despite being a staple in most social media posts, too many hashtags can come across as spam and untrustworthy. The audience would much rather prefer a couple relevant hashtags or ideally, just one. This should help to organize all related posts into one space as well.

Connect your Services: All your social media profiles should link the customers
directly to your website or service. In the same vein, your website should have embedded clickable links for all your social platforms. This ensures that the audiences get to preview everything and stay connected.


These tips and tricks not only help boost social media engagement but also boost sales and subscriptions. The platforms are solely the means of generating intrigue and emotional investment within the brand and its products and/or services. It is the absolute need of our technological world today