Do you want to start your own publishing business?
Do you want to have passive income sources?
Are you unsure where to begin?

Atomservices provides an Action Learning Program where anyone from around the world can learn kindle publishing from A to Z.

Get a high content book and one low content to start your business. It is a golden opportunity to learn how to start your publishing business on Amazon KDP to develop a passive income source.

In the Action learning program, you can learn the step by step process of publishing your books on Amazon KDP. As end product, you will be able to publish:(Join Free Fb Group)

2 Books with 20000 words in total (around 14000 words for book 1 and 6000 words for book 2)
Your story, Our words.
It’s that simple!

In this Action learning program, you will learn to transform your ideas into compelling words and share your stories with the world. We will make you become an expert self-publisher creating rich insight and engaging at best.

Niche, Keywords, and Category Research
The action learning program will let its learners build a list of keyword ideas for their content. We will assist you in selecting suitable niche and keywords to grow much faster on Search Engines, thus generating rapid revenue.

Creation of Title & Subtitle
It is important to choose a provocative title with a subtitle that explains it. The title captivates the readers’ interest while the subtitle hooks them. Our experts help you create a strong title and subtitle to attract readers to your book in the Action Learning program.

Book Outline Creation
You might have found the ultimate title for your book, but you do not have any idea what each chapter should be about. No worries, the Action Learning Program will make an impactful book outline and make it stand out in your niche.

Book Writing (Step-by-Step)
Atomservices is a premier company with pride in completing over a thousand renowned projects. We have been providing top book writers for a long time. Through the Action Learning program, we make our learners avail step-by-step guidelines on how to get a valuable book written to start their journey of becoming a successful publisher. We have a team of professional Ghostwriters who know how to add value to a book according to the readers’ demands. They are capable of providing you with original and plagiarism-free content to meet the guidelines of Amazon KDP.

Book Formatting

The Action Learning Program will reveal the secret to doing Professional book formatting in various sizes, a unique interior layout for the content to shine, clean and timeless design to enhance readability. Our experts will professionally format your books. We will provide you with an e-book, paperback, hardcover formatting of your work. You can also choose to get an Audiobook version of your book.

Book Description and Blurb

“The End” is just the beginning when we write a book. In the Action learning program, our team applies our years of marketing expertise and will provide you with the bestselling book description designed to turn browsers into buyers. We will provide you with an attractive blurb for many types of fiction and non-fiction genres for the Paperback.

Book Covers (eBook, Paperback, Hardcover)
Since your book’s cover makes the first impression on potential readers, it is important to get it right. It must convey the essence of your book in an alluring way. The Action Learning Plan will deliver the knowledge and experience to know what works and what doesn’t by skilfully combining simplicity, meaning, and beauty into a cover that will do justice to the text it covers. The covers made by our expert designing team will make your book stand out in the online market.

Author/Agency Branding (Author Central & A+ Content Page)
Branding is how you present your book to the public and present yourself as an author or publisher. The Action learning plan will help you learn how to brand and cultivate name recognition and market your books in this competitive digital world. We will help you craft the best and most economical marketing plans to increase the sales of your books.

Publishing and Platforms (Amazon KDP)
The Action Learning Program will let your dreams turn into a reality by giving you the complete guideline of publishing your book without the hassle of waiting for traditional publishers to notice your manuscript.

Book Marketing (PPC Ads & SMM Guidance) (Amazon KDP)
The Action Learning Plan will teach you the best methods of book marketing and how to apply them yourself. These methods should boil down to:
Discover who is your target audience is and where they “hang out.”
Driving traffic to your product
Converting that traffic into paying customers

Packages we offer:
Action Learning Program
Publishers Starter Package 3-Books Program
Publishers Starter Package 5-Books Program

We have carefully curated various packages to give you all the necessary services.
Atomservices Action Learning Program helps you build and validate your skills so you can achieve what you have dreamed of. Our professional team is fully trained for Amazon, kindle platform, which is an ultimate solution for writing success in publishing.