What is Amazon KDP?
So, you’ve always wanted to be an author, and you have also written a book. Now all you have to do is to publish it. There are two ways to do this: You can either go for Traditional Publishing OR Self-Publishing. Traditional Publishing is comparatively more hectic as compared to Self-Publishing.

This is where Amazon KDP comes to the rescue! It provides you with the tools to publish your book online. Additionally, it makes an E-book available on Amazon to Kindle readers. Moreover, it also includes features for some special types of books, and since Amazon holds 80% of the E-book market, it would be foolish not to have your book there.(Join free Fb group to learn KDP)

How to Publish your Book on KDP?
Before publishing your book, you need to make sure everything is ready, including Book Title, Book Description, Book Text, Book Cover, and Book Price.
The first thing you need to do is create an account by signing up on Amazon KDP in 2022.

As soon as you log in, the dashboard prompts you to create a new title. Click “Create new Title.”

After that, you will be asked to fill in the information regarding your book as mentioned above; Title, description, text, book cover, keywords, price, and all other relevant stuff. Make sure you fill everything in carefully.

Then you will be asked to choose your royalty plan. Amazon offers 70% if your book price is less than $9.99 & offers 35% if it is more than $9.99.

When this is all done, the only remaining thing is to hit Publish!
As you have published your own book, readers can now buy your E-book or order a paperback.

Benefits of Amazon KDP in 2022:
But why should you use Amazon KDP? There are many platforms out there; the following benefits will surely answer this question.

Amazon KDP is free, while other platforms charge a fee for distributing your E-book. Amazon allows you to do it for free.

Kindle Create:
Amazon also provides you with editing software Kindle Create to format your books. This is also free of cost.

Apart from E-books, Amazon allows you to publish paperbacks as well. The price + shipping is pretty affordable. It gives you the freedom to choose between both mediums.

Sales Rankings:
Amazon also allows you to see how your book is fairing against other books on Amazon, which boosts your confidence.

Wide Reach:
Since Amazon is the biggest E-book retailer, your book can tap into global markets all over the world.

Easy to Use:
Amazon KDP contains all the guidelines, FAQs, and videos to answer all your queries. You will surely have no problem finding your way through it.

More Money:
You get more money back on Amazon than other publishers, while they offer 20-25% Amazon offers 30-35% if the price is greater than $9.99 and 70% if it is less than that.

Taking everything into account, Amazon KDP is one of the best platforms currently available, which is reflected in it being the biggest retailer, and with everything switching to digital platforms.