Choosing the best category for your book on Amazon Kindle is as important as the content of your book. Selection of the right categories can make you the best author with little effort and time. On the other hand, if you sell too many books in the wrong category, it will badly impact your ranking on amazon.

While uploading your books on Amazon, you may feel that your desired category is not present or visible in the listed categories. Therefore, selecting the right book categories is a must to become a best seller on the platform. It will directly impact your sales. There are some tricks and techniques to request new categories for your kindle or Paperback on Amazon KDP. (Amazon Kindle business)

Choosing Categories for Your Kindle or Paperback On Amazon KDP

To appear and rank on the search engine, you require to choose the best keywords and two basic categories for the book you are going to publish. You need to be accurate and stick to the topic and central point of your book. Do not choose mixed categories or those which are opposite to each other. It will mislead the readers.

Uploading the book in specific categories instead of general ones is also very crucial. When you upload your book to a specific category, it will automatically appear in the general section of that category. You can choose a general category if your book contains general and broad content.

Furthermore, only choose a specific and single category for your book and do not list it in sub-categories too. Be sure that you choose one specific and accurate category, as it is more important than uploading in more than one category.

Requesting New Categories for Your Kindle or Paperback On Amazon KDP

Amazon allows writers to upload the books in the categories already listed in the list. When you upload your new book on Amazon KDP, find the best fit category for your book to rank higher in the list. If you fail to find the right category, do not disappoint. There are ways to upload your book in the right category.

In reality, you can legally list your book in 8 additional book and e-book categories.

When you observe that your required category is not available in the list, you can request an additional eight sub-categories by following the steps.

  • Use Amazon keywords to find your required category in the Kindle submission form.
  • To place your book in an additional category, your title, subtitle, and the summary of the book must contain that keyword. It will help you convince Amazon to approve your required category.
  • Contact Amazon by any means they specified on their website and request them to place your book in that specific category you think is best for your book.
  • Amazon will take appropriate action on your request after accessing your book,
  • . If they accept your request, the category will appear as “Look for similar items by category” at the bottom of the book page.
  • You should use all the right keywords for your book to influence Amazon to place your book in that category.

Remember, if amazon lists your book in more categories, you will appear in more searches. The chances of becoming a best seller will also increase.