WordPress is one of the best ways to build a website. Whether for a blog or running a business online, ensuring that it runs smoothly is perhaps one of the biggest concerns. But the question still stands; How exactly do you speed up your WordPress website? This article will address just that and talk about the technical aspects that play a vital role in making a WordPress website a success. (Create your wordpress website)

Why Should you increase the speed of your WordPress Website?
Having a slow website, in simple words, means a poor user experience. If the website is faster, engaging visitors and making sales increases drastically. According to research, websites that take more than 2 seconds to load lose almost 47% of their visitors. Therefore, a fast-loading website becomes essential!

What is Technical SEO, and How can you use it?
Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps increase a website’s ranking in search engines by improving the technical aspects, such as faster site speed. In order to increase this speed, measures like enabling caching, reducing page elements, getting rid of unnecessary plugins, and optimizing images, can help. Making your website more mobile-friendly can also be convenient. This can be achieved by having a responsive design and alternative site versions for your website. This practically means that the website’s layout will automatically adjust to the size of the screen, and the users will be redirected to a dedicated mobile site version of the website they clicked on.
Additionally, you can also optimize your website by having a clear and simple site structure, which in turn will help your website appear more often in search engines. You can also set redirects when eliminating crawl errors, which will avoid visitors from seeing a “404 error page” and instead be brought to a more relevant site.(Grow with SEO )

WP Rocket
One of the previously mentioned methods to increase site speed was enabling caching. WP rocket is exactly that! It is a cache plugin, which, when enabled, will help speed up your WordPress website. Essentially, it is a plugin that makes use of caching to decrease a website’s loading time by showing the cached page to the user instead of generating the page on the go. This helps improve SEO rankings, which again increases the number of visitors a website gains. Installing and configuring WP Rocket is a fast process that starts working as soon as it is activated, allowing you to instantly speed up your WordPress website!

All in all, speed optimization for any WordPress website is essential. Proper research and understanding of SEO dynamics will surely help you speed up your WordPress website and essentially find shores of success in the long run!