KDP low content books have always been around, maintaining their hype. As one can guess from the name, low-content books have very little content. They are easy and cheap to publish, such as calendars, journals, etc.
This article will talk about the insights to starting your KDP Publishing Business and how to upload low-content KDP books to Amazon.

How to Upload?
When trying to upload books to Amazon, an important part is making sure that the file follows the correct format. Essentially, this means that details such as the title, name, series information, and ISBN in the manuscript file should match the details entered during the title setup.
Uploading the manuscript file is quite easy and is based on simple instructions: Go to Bookshelf, click the ellipsis option, and select “Edit eBook Content.” After this, you will see an option to upload the manuscript file. Enter the address for the file on your device, and once it gets uploaded, you’re good to go!

Starting a KDP Publishing Business
Before we talk about starting our own KDP Publishing Business, it begs the question – is it worth doing? With Kindle Direct Publishing, one can earn up to 70% eBook royalties. Such a share is significantly more than the amount that can be earned with traditional publishers.
So how do we actually set up a business in this huge market? This can be quite hard for newcomers considering that the market is extremely saturated. However, with the right factors in check, one can easily climb up the ladder.
The first step concerns the very basic thing, creating an account. Once you’re done with this, you will be asked to specify details about the target audience and such. From here onwards comes the grinding part.

Doing your Homework
When starting your own KDP Publishing Business, it is important to know your dimensions. Research a bit and find the top categories or even subcategories popular in the market. From a business standpoint of view, a good practice would be to use these effectively to your advantage and hire writers who work in these specific niches. Because of ghostwriters, one doesn’t even need to be aware of the nifty details of a certain topic as simply outsourcing would get the job done as well as long the hired people are qualified.

Additionally, the total investment costs are important to keep track of as well. If you have fewer funds, the good idea is to opt low content books as these are cheaper to create. However, high content books do pay heavily. One needs to distinguish between the amount of time they wish to take out for the creation process. Moreover, it is important to figure out where the company wishes to go as a publishing company. Do they wish to focus on low-budget bulk output or vice versa?