Two variables influence book sales: traffic and conversion. Whereas the Amazon book summary has no bearing on traffic, it is one of the most crucial conversion elements. The importance of a very well written book description in captivating readers cannot be overstated. Consider your description as the text on a paperback’s back cover or an inside cover of a hardcover’s inner flap. This is frequently readers’ initial impression of your story’s topic and writing style.

Your description will display on the Amazon detail page for your book. It is often the first impression a reader gets of your book. Therefore, the most efficient strategy for promoting your book is to write an appealing description. This is also why it’s difficult. You will need to persuade readers to read your book instead of one of the thousands of others vying for your time, interest, and money in a few lines.

The First Line

Because Amazon only shows those few sentences of your product information, you only have a few seconds to entice a reader to engage with your book and learn more. That’s the headline’s job: if it doesn’t grab the reader’s attention right away, you have already lost them.

Using an enthusiastic and comprehensive pull quotation for your opening line is powerful, and you will see it applied by both bestsellers and beginners. Include your reviews in your description, whether they are editorial or customer feedback from Amazon or Goodreads. Word-of-mouth referrals are extremely effective conversion techniques.


Only talk about the core plot, subject, or idea. Avoid details that can confuse a reader who is only interested in learning more about your work for a second or two. Also, keep your terminology plain and straightforward. Aim for a purely informative paragraph with easily scannable sentences.


Avoiding overly complex or unclear elements will make your description more interesting, but you should also think about how to attract readers’ attention. Write an enticing first sentence. Make this line memorable because it may be the first impression a reader has of you. Also, show what category your book relates to set expectations.


Again, this may be your viewer’s first impression of you, so ensure your description is flawless, with no misspelled words or grammatical problems. It may be difficult to alter a text you have read multiple times, so present it to others for a second opinion.

Final Touch

The conclusion of your book summary should encourage potential readers to take action and buy your book. If somebody is reading your Amazon description, it is most likely because they seek a book similar to yours. If they have read to the conclusion of your description, you have piqued their curiosity. All you will have to do is describe why your book should be the next one they read.