How to Write Impressive E-Mails for Marketing

Whether it’s weekly newsletters or product and campaign launches, emails are a fast and effective tool to engage and inform the public. In the age of internet, attention is the new currency. If an email can catch the customer’s attention, it has done half of its job. The goal of a successful marketing email is to generate desired results by persuading the reader. An effective email can alter the course of any campaign. Let’s take a look at some of the most crucial ways to ensure the best outcome for any email chain.

Identifiable Qualities: This plays on the idea of familiarity. The reader is more likely to click on the email if they recognize the ‘from’ name, the brand logo, or familiar imagery. This can also bleed through to mean the choice of colors, font, logo size, etc. All these elements work together to catch the reader’s attention and establish instant brand familiarity and recognition.

Compelling Subject: The subject and pre-header text of the email should be clear, concise and compelling. It should entice the reader with the excitement of the new product, campaign or offer. Texts like, ‘70% Off on All Items All Weekend’ are a good example of an intriguing subject. This should remind the reader of the benefits they are receiving.
Action-Oriented: The email should include clear information that the reader would need to perform the desired action. For instance, If it’s a new product there should be a clickable embedded link or button so it can be previewed and ordered straight away. This minimizes the work on the receiver’s end, making them more likely to act in accordance.

Imagery: Exciting, eye-catching, and on-brand imagery is a key player in making an email effective and successful. Colors should be picked based on personal branding, color psychology, and relevance. Moreover, the layout of imagery, information, and ‘call-to-action’ terms should be clean, legible, and concise. Aesthetically appealing imagery is well received by the brain. So is symmetry.

Spam Filters: A successful email is only effective if the reader gets a chance to open it. Spam filters can intercept your email based on regulated spam language use. Some of these include multiple exclamation points, use of all caps, words like ‘buy’ ‘free’ and other spam terms like ‘Fast Cash’ etc. A full list of spam terms can be found online. Moreover, online spam checkers can filter your email for you, pointing out any words that might cause issue.

Email Chain: Even if it’s for one particular launch, send out multiple emails to build anticipation. The time frame from the announcement of a launch to its successful execution is a golden nugget opportunity to keep readers hooked. Small things like countdowns, mystery hunts, easter eggs are good way to keep intrigue alive around the campaign.

Tailor your Content: You need to know your audience and tap into their psychological and emotional psyche in order to truly grab interest. This can be done by polls, surveys, research, case studies and simply by integrating audience analytics with consumer psychology. The consumer should be ‘rewarded’ little steps of the way by receiving what resonates with them. This leads the consumer to invest more and care deeply about the given product/campaign.

Work Smarter: Mapping out the entire campaign or product launch should go hand in hand with scheduling relevant emails. Moreover, automated responses, sales, and promo codes/discount codes can be sent using automated responders and several emailing programs offer automated services.

Get Creative: Think outside of the box and come up with new and exciting ways to reinvent the wheel. Get ideas from social media trends, market awareness, relevant cultural or social practices etc. You can even go so far as to run more than one email chain against one another in an exciting firsthand and real time case study of how the consumer brain responds to certain words, colors, and imagery vs other of the same bunch.

Stay In Touch: The need of today’s busy fast paced world is constant reinvention. Innovation is truly the name of the game and inspiration must constantly be sought after. The world is evolving fast and so are market trends. As a result, businesses need to continue to evolve with the times just like the consumers are adapting to our new world. Thus, not only should they keep their finger on what the new thing is, but they must push the envelope. That is the only way forward.

These are some of the most effective, tried and tested ways to write successful emails for marketing. To conclude, it all comes down to building intrigue, brand trust, and constantly being in the loop of what the audience wants. All of these elements come together to create the most rewarding marketing emails for any business.