There are a number of platforms out there that can be used to self-publish books. Ingram Spark is one of the leading pioneers in this field, enabling authors to upload their books on the website. Self-publishing a book can seem like a daunting task, but with the right guidelines, it becomes a breeze. In today’s article, we will talk about how exactly you can go on with publishing on IngramSpark?

Writing the Book or hiring a Ghost writer
This comes without a say that the first step in order to publish a book starts with the writing process. Just open a word document and start writing! In order to self-publish, the first thing you need to do is to write your book. It is crucial that you take your time with this and plan ahead about the book. If you think that you cannot write a book professionally, you can get the services of a professional ghost writer.

Editing and Proofreading
Once you have written your book, you need to make sure that it’s free of errors. This can be done by hiring someone or by incorporating proofreading techniques on your own. The focus should be made on grammar, spelling, punctuation, logical errors and such. A good approach is to carry out the editing and proofreading process more than once. Once done, you can move on to the next step of publishing on IngramSpark.

Think of a Title for Your Book
Once you have written and edited your book, you can start thinking of its title! This title is very important. It is what will create intrigue for your book. If the title isn’t promising, no one will want to read it. It is advised to choose simple yet appealing topics. However, there are no hard and fast rules to be creative!

Think of a Book Description
Although it’s the title that will attract a reader, it is actually the book’s description that will seal the deal. This description is found on the book’s back cover. A good description is one that is short and simple. It highlights the main plot of the book but doesn’t reveal too much. Rather it leaves it up to the reader to find out the rest.

Design Your Book
Once you are done with the text inside and outside the book, move on to designing it! To do this, you will first need to create the book cover design and then the interior book design. When it comes to the book cover design, you can either go all out or just keep it minimalistic. Since this is what will catch the eye of the reader, you need to make sure that the book is approachable. The same goes for the back cover. When designing it, make sure to visit your nearest book shop or library. There, you can look for inspiration. On the other hand, the interior book design is what readers will spend most of their time on. So you need to make sure that the layout of the text or images in your book is appealing to the eye. Here, the font and its size matter a lot.

Decide if You Want an ISBN or Not
ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It’s assigned to each and every book that you may see in a bookshop. When publishing on IngramSpark, you can make the decision to get one or not. In reality, it really just depends on you and if you want it to be available in bookstores or not, however, in order to encourage authors to have ISBNs for their books. IngramSpark gives them out for free.

Marketing Your Book
The most important part of writing a book is publishing it. However, just as important is its marketing! So, before you publish the book you have worked so hard on, make sure to publicize it. Most often, advertising books is a slow process, but social platforms can be used up to their advantage to get this done. Additionally, creating a website for yours is a good way to go as well. This will increase your popularity as an author, thus increasing sales for your future book!

Publishing the Book
Once all the previous steps have been completed, just log on to the official IngramSpark website and upload your book along with the rest of the required information. It is advisable to upload with a schedule so that any last-minute changes may be entertained if needed. IngramSpark gives its authors customer support, online sales reporting, free publishing tools, affordable advertising opportunities and discounts with experts. These are guaranteed to make your experience of publishing on IngramSpark even more worthwhile and hassle-free!