The latest Online Reading program from Amazon is Kindle Vella, which allows people to read books in a serialized style. Like Wattpad, Kindle Vella allows you to read stories as episodes that are distributed regularly. This platform, which has only been recently launched in the United States, is currently only available to readers and authors in the United States. On the other hand, Amazon plans to introduce it in more countries soon.

Kindle Vella is a unique platform that enables authors to share episodic stories with their fans. The major characteristic of Kindle Vella has been its serialized style, which allows authors to publish work in ‘episodes,’ which users consume one at a time.

If you are a reader, it works like this: you browse the Kindle Vella shop for stories and media, and you can sample the first few chapters for free. You can buy the story in installments with tokens if you are interested. You may rate the stories by giving them a thumbs up or down.

If you are a writer, keep reading to find out just how Kindle Vella operates, how it is a good fit for you, and how much you can anticipate when you use it to publish.(For More Blogs)

How does Kindle Vella work?

Readers in the United States can browse the stories by selecting Kindle Vella from the Discover option in the Kindle iOS app. They can then discover and read stories from a variety of genres. Each Kindle Vella narrative is created serially and delivered in 600–5,000-word episodes.

How do I read Vella novels on my Kindle?

Kindle Vella novels can be viewed on the free Kindle app, just like regular Kindle eBooks. You can purchase episodes of a tale one at the moment or in batches of two or three, and they will appear on the app. Episodes can be downloaded for free or purchased using tokens. Reading stories this way is less expensive than buying them all at once.

You Can

  • Repackage your serialized narrative as a book after removing it from Vella — this means your story doesn’t have to stay serialized forever.
  • Publish your narrative on additional serialization services, such as Radish, but please remember that it should be behind such a barrier and not publicly accessible.

    Writing Quickly

    Kindle Vella’s preference for serialized episodes influences the types of content submitted. It also influences how they compose it. Writers are encouraged to create more episodes to get more viewers to invest their tokens in them. Thus, there’s a push to create as much as necessary.

    Bottom Line

    The content limits are perhaps the biggest variation among Kindle Vella and Wattpad. We previously mentioned that you can’t take a novel you’ve already published and turn it into chapters before uploading it to Kindle Vella. However, you must be aware of copyright rules and eBook requirements. You can’t use Kindle Vella to upload fanfiction or content that isn’t your own.