The word “WORDPRESS” is being thrown everywhere these days. Which makes you wonder what exactly WordPress is. In its essence, it is just OPEN SOURCE (meaning it is free), Content Management System (CMS) that you use to make your very own website or blog and publish it on the internet.

Created in 2003, WordPress(check packages) gained a lot of popularity as a website publishing program on the website and blogs industry for its user-friendliness. It also powers 30% of the entire internet.

What is it used for?
As you might have guessed, it is software that you use to manage the contents of your webpage/website. To make it easier to understand, the contents of the website can be handled by either using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, or you can do the same by using only software which makes it easier for you to do the same “WORDPRESS.”

How does it work?
It is basically just an online service that gets your website completed and running in under 30 minutes. But how does it do that?

When the internet was new to society, people had to use code in either HTML or PHP form, which is just lines of code, which the computer would then interpret, spitting out a website. But doing, with WordPress, it takes a maximum of an hour to have a completely hosted website with a domain name and many other things. But there are two WordPress services, one with and

Both are free but have different features. websites use their own hosting, don’t allow ads, cannot upload plugins, themes are limited, does not allow custom domain names, and finally, it can delete your website if they feel any sort of violation. On the other hand,, in addition to being free, allows your website to be completely customizable, have multiple plugins, have its custom domain name, have a variety of themes, allows ads, and, most importantly, has its own application to make the experience more user-friendly.

Benefits of using WordPress:
WordPress is basically free and online, so making a website is easier and can be done from anywhere as long as you have the internet. So, any startups small businesses that do not want to go through the learning curve of web development can learn to use it overnight. It can also be operated from multiple devices, ranging from laptops computers to even smartphones. And the major use is that it allows the user to completely customize their website according to their likings.

Using WordPress gives you access to a whole variety of customization whose commands are hard to remember while using web development languages, which include adding buttons, changing color, alignments, functionality, and even video, based on your use. In addition, it also gives access to over 50,000 different plugins available and widgets that can help optimize the functionality of the website.